Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Main Idea

Well, This Is My First Blog. This Blog Will Be For Future Animators, In Which I Shall Give Lessons. I'll Post Up The First Lesson Tommorrow From A Wonderfull Animation Book By Preston Blair. Construction, Which Is One Of The Essentials To Know. In Cartoons, Good Drawing Is Better Than Anything. Thats Why You Shouldn't Stuy Modern Cartoons Unless They Were Started BEFORE The Mid 2000's. They'll Teach Ya' Nothin' But Bad Habbits. When These Animators Study To Be Cartoonist, The TEACHERS Don't Teach Ya Anything. No Line Of Action. No Construction. If You Look At Some Of The Art That Comes Out, Geez. " Oh, The Reason Why That Came Out So Sloppy Was Because I Did It In 5 Mins." HOW DO YOU LEARN ANYTHING IN 5 MINUTES?!?!?!?! So Study Old Cartoons Like Debuty Dawg, Huckleberry Hound ,Top Cat , So On And So Forth. AND DRAW SLOW. If You Draw Fast, You Wont Learn Anything. Draw Your Character A Couple Of Times, And Then Study Your Mistakes Untill It Comes Of Right. Dont Listen To People That Say "Oh, It Came Out Good Enough." If You Try To Draw Like That, It'll Get Your Head On A Sliver Platter. PRACTICE, PRACTICE , PRACTICE, And You'll Be Fine. Anyway, See You Tomorrrow.

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